Video Wall Rental

At the forefront of digital display technology, LITdESIGN’s new 4mm LED video wall delivers astonishingly sharp, high definition quality graphics. This groundbreaking solution is sure to impress even the most discerning eye.

With incredible versatility and power, the 4mm LED video wall lends itself to an array of applications. This solution is ideal for corporate events, tradeshows, concerts, galas, or any event that requires crisp image display and stunningly high quality video and visual effects. Higher resolution makes capturing photos and video of your event amazing. A quick-locking system and modular design make setup and disassembly fast and easy. Most media players are supported via any DVI output for seamless operation.

As live production continues to evolve with improvements in technology, high resolution LED video is the perfect way to distinguish your event.

LED Video Floor

The xVision Video Deck LED system enables designers to use the stage itself as part of the video display system. Its high strength rubberized facade allows high weight items such as cars or set pieces to be placed on top of the unit, while delivering exceptional contrast with deep black, a feature often overlooked on many similar products.

A clever touring frame with built-in leveling system allows for quick and effortless installation in any environment.

Possible Installations Include :

Car shows, live TV broadcasts, talent performances, museums, showrooms, runways, dancefloors and more.